I’m so sorry I like abandoned this blog


Commissions are open!

-Painted headshot with simple background (like pictured): $18.00
-Painted, simple bg, waist and up: $20.00
-Painted, simple bg, fullbody: $22.00

+Extra characters are half price of the original price. (Two headshots in one picture = $27, two waist and up = $30, two fullbodies = $33; etc)

(Sorry for the lack of examples! More examples and options will be added.)

My paypal is Email me there with a reference of your character(s), what you want the character(s) to be doing, and your paypal!
Be as descriptive as possible! (Background, detailed ref of character, expression, pose, light source, etc)

Please do not pay me until I reply to you approving your commission! However I will not begin the drawing until I’m paid after your commission is approved.
I will not draw nfsw or heavy gore.

I would really, really appreciate reblogs/signal boosts!!

(sorry for the inactivity, I haven’t been on the computer much at all because school;;;)

this blog hit 1k a while ago so thank you everybody!!
it also got a few more followers than my main blog so here is more shameless self-advertising
please check out my main blog, you might like it

(sorry this took so long dsfghs)

I would really appreciate people at least giving me credit if they’re going to repost a part of my comics/something i drew

since this blog already has 550 followers i just wanted to say first, thanks guys aah!!
and second, i’m really, really close to my next milestone on my main blog so uh i’d really appreciate it if you followed me there

(oh no you got him started
quick, to the weather)

I mean seriously! What. A. Jerk.
I’ll ask Carlos about this.

(i seriously hope nobody else has made the “Dinkleberg” joke yet)

( Okay so this blog is all set to go, so feel free to send in asks! Unfortunately, I won’t be answering any until I get back from vacation in a week or two but it doesn’t hurt to ask/follow anyway right)